Q: production process?

A: preform injection–>bottle blowing–>printing–>liquid filling–>packaging–>shipping


A: which model you want? what color for bottle? what do you want to print? what kind of liquid you want? smell, color, quality, quantity, package. where to ship?

Q: what is the advantage for dispensor?

A: the dispensor can effectively save the amount of liquid used by pressing each time. Press it several times as much as it needs. The amount of liquid required each time can also be adjusted by pressing force.

Q: Where are they used?

A: it is placed in hotels, bathrooms, gyms, kitchens and laundries for soap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, body milk, hand sanitizer, etc.

Q: how many models you have?

A: our molds cover more than 200 different sizes from 20ml-1l.

Q: is your raw material safe for producing?

A: our bottles made of original material of pet / PETG, they are produced by large state-owned enterprises

Q: lead time for mass production?

A: empty bottles without printing about 10-15days. with printing with additional one week. if you want liquid inside, need another one week. 


A: 5000 empty bottles of soap dispenser and 3000 bottles of liquid if necessary. If it is a small bottle used in the hotel, the minimum order quantity needs to reach 5000 bottles.

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