Cosmetic tube printing skills

The printing plate used for cosmetic hose printing is usually a copper plate because the copper plate has a high printing durability and the plate making method is the same as that of a common copper-zinc plate.

The cosmetic hose printing machine is mainly composed of a plate cylinder, a blanket cylinder, an impression cylinder disk of a sleeve hose, a conveying mechanism, an ink fountain and the like.

Cosmetic hose printing Because the substrate is non-ferrous metal, it is necessary to print a layer of white ink or other ground color ink on the surface of the hose before printing the graphic. Then the graphic can be printed and printed. It is necessary to make the ink work quickly. Only after printing a few colors, so the printing color is dried and then printed by the infrared drying device, as shown in Figure 6-12. The overprinting work of the graphic and text work is not realized on the paper printed on the imprinted stencil, but on the imprint of the three plate cylinders, and overprinted on the rubber quilt (the overprint is printed because the imprint is solid) Do not overlap), then transfer the three-color ink to the hose on the platen roller once. The embossing roller on the embossing cylinder plate is covered with a hose, but it does not rotate by itself. Only when it is in self-contact with the squeegee, can it rotate at the same line speed as the rubber cylinder. The diameter of the embossing cylinder is the same as the diameter of the blanket cylinder. However, the operation is different, the blanket cylinder rotates one week, and the impression cylinder disc rotates 90° to complete the printing of a hose.

After one revolution of the cosmetic hose, the rubber cylinder was removed from the blanket cylinder, and the overprinting work of the hose printing was repeated, followed by irradiation with infrared rays to quickly dry the blot and increase the brightness of the print.

Toothpaste hoses, hose shoe polishes, and medical ointment hoses are printed in this manner.

In addition to heat and light resistance, metal hose printing inks also encounter water and moisture when the hose is subjected to extrusion and tortuosity during use, so the ink should also meet the above conditions. The hose must also be resistant to the attack of these materials.

Laminated hoses are the respective advantages of the two materials, and the hoses are made of synthetic hoses, which have the advantages of both, such as laminated hoses made of aluminum foil and plastic film, which have moisture resistance and weather resistance. Advantages, can be printed and then laminated, so that the text in the plastic film layer, the appearance is very beautiful, at the same time, it can also be processed after printing, and the method of printing the curved surface after molding is changed, so that the photogravure method can be adopted. The plastic printing is carried out, and the laminated hose is formed by laminating and molding.

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