Hotel Disposable Slippers Selection

Every guest will gather in for a day, the hotel, put on a pair of comfortable slippers, then reflected in the hotel, its human service. How to choose a comfortable disposable slippers now to introduce:

According to the survey, there are some hotels that exist, but no disposable slippers plastic slippers are repeated today, so although cost savings to the hotel, it greatly reduces the profitability of hotel guests, it is difficult for regular customers. So, how to choose a hotel disposable slippers is very important.

At present, there are also some media reports that the disposable slippers that the hotel guests carry with them slip and claim to do so. In fact, this is also related to the choice of hotel slippers. The disposable slippers upper on the market is mainly made of paper or non-woven fabric, plastic sole, the center of the thin layer of sponge, is divided into anti-slip and anti-slip, the proposed attributes should be selected at the time of purchase a relatively thick sole and Anti-slip grooves, sliding to not easy to make guests and reduce not to worry about the dispute.

Hotel slippers cut a lot of small pieces of 6 hotel disposables. In fact, that kind of disposable slippers are many. The main tissue is pumped to high values, non-woven fabrics, flannel, plush, short plush, towels, terry, and waffle classification from a low base. Usually, small hotel hotels, etc., mostly use non-woven slippers. Flocked fabrics, pull, short plush, and mid-range hotels are more common. And for the best materials for towels, bath towels, slippers, guests can use in winter because it has good thermal insulation properties on the water, but the water absorption rate of slippers compared to other materials is basically a three-star hotel.

The hotel is a one-time disposable slippers for hotels in the main product category. Each guest will gather in for a day after the hotel, put on a pair of comfortable slippers and then reflect in the hotel if it is a person’s responsibility.

Why choose to make a hotel disposable slippers? Because of its good breathability and water slides. Due to various features of the disposable slipper plan, such as having various advantages such as breathable, water slip resistance, water absorption and disposable slippers. In this case, the disposable slipper wears a slip resistant effect. Because of all these advantages, the center can choose one-time hotel slippers, because guests not only love clean slippers, very, very happy to wear slippers center. The hotel is very pleasant and easy to wear disposable slippers. Although disposable slippers are cheaper to produce, they are comfortable and soft, so there is no doubt that they are comfortable to wear.

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