Hotel Disposable Soap Purchase Tips

With shower gel, hand soap, and laundry detergent, soap seems to be falling out of favor in people’s lives. However, there are still many people who use practical soaps, especially in hotels. Many guests still use soap to bathe, wash their hands and wash clothes.

Then, as one of the hotel’s six small pieces of disposable soap, what should the hotel pay attention to when purchasing?

Soap classification

General soap: The perfume pigment and white soap are ground into various shapes and are the most economical soap. It has a good effect on general cleaning and degreasing.

Fine Research Soap: Also known as “French Soap”, it has low alkalinity and has been ground for many times, so it is more expensive to purchase and is used as a facial soap.

Floating soap: It is a kind of soap with slightly higher humidity and no grinding. It is easy to float on the surface because it contains air. The cleaning effect is not bad but it is difficult to maintain the humidity. It is easy to change and discolor after storage. use.

Oily Soap: When adding a high concentration of oil during grinding, it will form a layer of oil on the surface of the skin during washing. It is suitable for people with dry skin or infants. Therefore, it is also called baby soap.

Transparent soap: Contains more than 10% glycerin and vegetable oil. After use, the skin is very smooth and smooth. It is very similar to oily soap. It is often used by people who wash face or dry skin.

Special type soap: such as liquid, gelatinous, or medical, add fungicides, scrubs, drugs, deodorants, etc., as needed.

Soap procurement points

First, look at the foam: when used, it produces a delicate, stable and tightly foamed soap. After use, the skin will not feel dry and tight.

Second, smell aroma: In addition to a strong aroma, a good soap will make people feel refreshed, fragrant but not greasy.

Third, the heavy appearance: the soap is well-defined, the whole soap body is full and round, the hotel will not shrink and crack when stored, affecting the quality.

Fourth, the hardness: soft and hard to be moderate, too hard not easy to dissolve disintegration, and too soft, easy to save after using once.

Five. Product safety: The product packaging label is complete, indicating the product implementation standards and functions. Try to choose brand-name products from well-known companies.

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