Hotel Shampoo Shopping Method

Shampoo must be used for sex, because each hair is not the same, the hair is not the same, so the shampoo used is not the same. Root classification:

1, gentle water shampoo, suitable for normal hair;

2, strong moisturizing shampoo, suitable for hair is monotonous, fine hair;

3. For damaged shampoos, for example, for the long-term dyeing and ironing of hair, it is a protective shampoo;

4, shampoo to dandruff, rich in specific restraint and anti-dandruff ingredients;

5, deep cleansing shampoo, can deepen the hair to thoroughly clean the chemical residue in the hair, so that the hair is restored to the former situation;

6, two-in-one shampoo, you can combine the shampoo and hair care, one end.

Two-in-one shampoo Disadvantages: Two-in-one shampoo is not separated by shampoo and conditioner. Two-in-one shampoo may be better than clean; but from the hair care, just after washing the hair, I feel better, but then I will do it.

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