Hotel storage method for disposable supplies

The following factors should be considered when purchasing disposable items:

First, the price factor, because disposable products are mostly provided for free use, there will be consumption every day, so when purchasing disposable products, it is recommended to choose the price of the product with the price of the house.

Second, the number of rooms, combined with their own occupancy rate to calculate the number of consumables used, in the custom product procurement plan is recommended to order for three months, six months or one year. Since there will be a cycle for the production of normal hotel supplies, it will take more than one month for the full range of products, plus logistics and transportation time, so the order should be ordered at least for three months. During the period, please check the inventory and replenish the goods in time to avoid breaking. The phenomenon of goods.

Third, the decoration style, product selection, packaging design and other recommendations are based on the hotel’s decoration style, color tone as much as possible.

Hotel disposable storage

In order to ensure that consumers can use high-quality disposable toiletries, they also need to pay attention to its storage. In the rainy season, the southern region needs to pay attention to mold prevention measures when storing hotel disposables.

When purchasing, the quantity of some perishable items should be controlled to reduce the damage rate of the items. In the light and prosperous season, the purchase of disposable items is differentiated according to the time. During the off-season, the items are purchased less, and the stocks are purchased in advance during the peak season. This will allow the financial vacancies to be used as part of the liquidity. In the peak season, there will be no shortage of goods and soaring prices.

Finally, the location of the second-level warehouse in the guest room should also be taken seriously. It is more inappropriate to store the second-level warehouse in the guest room in a relatively dry place. It is not appropriate for the preservation of the items.

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