How To Choose Disposable Toothbrush Products

There are institutional statistics in the room disposable items, high-end hotel slippers up to more than 90%; second is disposable toothbrush, up to 80%; then shampoo, bath, 50%-60%, other such as care kits, shoe-shine cloth, etc. Usage rate.

Disposable toothbrushes are an integral part of hotel supplies. In daily life, they cannot take care of sets, sewing bags, shoe cloths, etc., but they cannot have toothbrushes. Disposable toothbrushes Because it is so important to the hotel, what should you pay attention to when purchasing?

Disposable toothbrush can be divided into soft plastic toothbrush and hard plastic toothbrush according to the material of the toothbrush handle;

According to the toothbrush wool identification, it can be divided into sharpened silk toothbrush, nylon toothbrush, eucalyptus toothbrush, imitation nylon toothbrush, silk king (c) toothbrush;

According to the style of the toothbrush, there are mainly snake head toothbrush, leaf toothbrush, mermaid toothbrush, bending toothbrush, scrubbing toothbrush, semi-circular cleaning toothbrush, big flat toothbrush, penguin toothbrush, toothbrush toothbrush, and Loma toothbrush.

Question 1: How to distinguish toothbrush materials?

As mentioned above, the materials of the toothbrush are mainly divided into soft plastic and hard plastic. How to distinguish the two materials? I am here to give you a simple and practical method: You can throw the toothbrush on the ground. If the sound of the toothbrush floor is crisp and bounce, the material of the toothbrush handle is hard plastic; otherwise, if a toothbrush does not land after landing Bounce, no crisp, tossing of the sound, then this toothbrush is a soft plastic. In addition, the same style and toothbrush specifications are the same, hard plastic than soft-broken.

Question 2: Is there a difference in quality between different soft plastic and hard plastic toothbrushes?

The two materials are designed to meet the needs of different types of comb market and the specific styles can only be used with fixed raw materials. There is no difference in the quality of the two materials. For example, if you want to make a pair of color or pure transparent toothbrush, then you must use hard plastic, there is no other reason, this is a problem in the production process, or you want to make a translucent toothbrush effect, then you Soft plastic materials must be selected.

Question 3: How to distinguish between bristles?

The brush can be sharply polished according to the difference in softness. The following are nylon wool, eucalyptus, imitation nylon, silk king (c), and the second method is the bristles. Of course, the best or different toothbrush hair tries in person.

Question 4: How is the price of a disposable toothbrush calculated?

The toothbrush is made of a toothbrush handle and a toothbrush. The price of the toothbrush is based on the weight of the toothbrush. Which kind of material is used after the toothbrush needs to be distinguished. The toothbrush wool belongs to the one. The problem above is solved after the price of the toothbrush.

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