How to judge the quality of hotel disposable slippers

When purchasing hotel disposables, the hotel disposable slippers became an indispensable part. Of course, the hotel disposable toothbrush, comb, soap, six small pieces and other hotel disposables have become the standard hotel hotel. Then, as a purchasing staff of hotel and hotel, how do we judge the quality of disposable slippers when purchasing disposable slippers?

Judging the quality of the hotel disposable slippers can be judged from these aspects: material, price, thickness and shading.

First, the hotel disposable slippers all materials

According to the statistics of relevant statistics, the materials used in hotel and hotel disposable slippers are as many as dozens of different materials, different fabrics, and the slippers produced by the hotel are not the same. The softer the quality is naturally better.

Second, the thickness of the hotel disposable slippers

In addition to the different materials, the disposable slippers in the hotel also have a large gap in thickness. The thickness of the slippers is better, and the customer experience will be better. The thickness of the disposable slippers used by the hotel is directly related to the price of the hotel room.

Third, the shading of the hotel disposable slippers

There are many shading styles for disposable slippers. The shading design of disposable slippers is mainly for non-slip, the rougher the shading, the more obvious, the better the anti-slip effect. When purchasing disposable slippers for hotels, you can purchase some slippers with obvious shading and better anti-slip effect.

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