Shampoo To Judge The Pros And Cons

Look at the quality of a shampoo, there are the following:

1. Look at the packaging first. Usually good shampoo packaging is very delicate, the workmanship is very fine, the materials used are very hard, the color is very positive and soft, the interface is tight, no cracks, the words on the top are printed clearly;

2, smell the fragrance. The better the shampoo, the lighter it is and the closer to the natural taste, such as the fruity taste, the lightness is not pungent, and it is durable and fragrant;

3. Look at the bubble. Usually a good shampoo is very good for foaming. A little bit of water can be used to make a lot of foam, and the finer the foam, the better;

4. Look at the shampoo cream is not delicate. The better the finer the finer, the less the flaws are, and the pastes are connected, the stickiness is large, the flow is sticky and the activity is not fast; there is also a small amount of water that increases the plant or biological composition, and causes no connection effect, but these Ingredients are often beneficial to hair right or wrong;

5, very simple and clean. The time of the rush is very simple and clean, and there is no sticky feeling;

6, after the use of feelings. The hair should be light and natural and smooth, and there will be no combing.

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