Soft plastic and hard plastic toothbrush difference

The two materials are derived from the needs of shopping malls that do not match the one-piece comb. The specific styles can only use fixed raw materials. There is no difference in quality between the two materials. Call for example, you want to make a two-color

It is a pure transparent toothbrush, then you need to use hard plastic, there is no other thing, this is the production skill of the product, or you want to make a translucent toothbrush, then you have to choose soft plastic Raw materials.

How is the toothbrush hair different?

The bristles can be distinguished according to the softness of the bristles. The first place is the sharpened silk, followed by nylon wool, eucalyptus silk, imitation nylon, silk king (propyl silk), which can be put into our own product album, I will separate for us. I took a picture of a few bristles for a brief distinction between friends; the second method is the feel of the bristles of the toothbrush. Of course, the best thing is to try the toothbrush with a different toothbrush.

How is the quote for a disposable toothbrush calculated?

The toothbrush is composed of the toothbrush handle and the toothbrush hair. The price of the toothbrush is calculated according to the weight of the tooth. After getting the weight, it is necessary to distinguish the toothbrush handle from which material, the toothbrush hair belongs to that one, and the above questions are dealt with one after the other. The offer for the toothbrush came out.

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