What are the hotel supplies?

In the rushing journey, hotels, hotels and other places have become our best stop. And the hotel has its own unique daily necessities, that is, hotel supplies. So what are the hotel supplies? Let’s talk about the hotel supplies today?

1, room supplies: bedding, room linen, room curtains, safe, electric iron, ironing board, audio package, TV turntable, room refrigerator, electric kettle, room phone, hangers, clothespins, bamboo, wood products, keys , hand, beauty mirror, trash can, non-slip mat, signage, other room supplies.

2, cleaning supplies air purifiers, detergents, cleaning tools, disinfectants, window cleaners, polishing machines, blow dryers, dredge machines.

3, single-use toilet paper, comb, shower cap, facial tissue, secondary pen, shoehorn, shampoo, soap, ordinary toothbrush, body wash, shoe-shining cloth.

4, bathroom products, the whole bath room, bathtub, toilet, bathroom accessories, large rolls of paper, tissue paper, paper towels, toilet paper holder, aerosol dispenser, soap dispenser, hand dryer, sauna, foot bath equipment, other bathroom supplies.

5, lobby facilities umbrella stand, signage, trash, service vehicles, other lobby series.

6, special electrical appliances for color TV, refrigerator, hair dryer, large screen, display, other hotel appliances, electric kettle.

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