How To Choose Hospital Kits

More and more hospitals choose the personal kits for their patients. Which is easy to use, and carry. 

Below are some choices for hospitals:

  1. for the bags, which contain the liquids(shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, body lotion) soap and dry accessories. PU bag and PVC bag is the best choice. And both bags can be customized.
  2. for the slippers. If need good quality, can choose the leather slippers. If u need the normal one, can choose terry, velvet, coral fleece one. All can be done according to your requirments.
  3. for disposable liquids, can use tube or bottle,  with customized logo and design. 
  4. for dry accessories,different hospital have different idea, some use sachet, some use box. As people have stronger environmental awareness. They may use bamboo toothbrush and combs. Or use the colgate products.

All these products, can be packed in a big boxe. Treat as a whole set. 

If u have any request,just feel free to contact. Ecoway will be you good choice.

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