Hotel Amenities Trend To Go Green

Eco-friendly hotel products has become the latest trend in the hotel amenities revolution.

This movement has been exited for more than two decades and continues to take bigger effect. This new trend is to gradually turn one-time use container such as tubes and bottles with the volumn of 20ml and 30ml into bigger volumn of 300ml and 500ml. This way, it reduces the disposable waste. the hotel guests have more and more awarenesses to bring pressure to hotel management to be involved into this trend.

Ecoway, a company started up to provide eco-friendly amenities, has been on this way for more than seven years. We have dispensers of 200-500ml and superior quality stainless steel dispenser handers. 

If you are moved and also wanted to be a part of this green trend, pls don’t hesitate to join us and save the earth.

For more info about our products, pls visit our website below,

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