Eco-friendly Travel Bag

We are the leading suppliers for eco-friendly hotel amenities in Yangzhou, China. 

Have you ever thought about items that could be included in an eco-friendly travel bag? 

Let’s explore today!

Firstly, to keep us clean and healthy, we need to brush our teeth everyday. 

In this case, we recommend bamboo toothbrush with charcoal bristles. 

There are many options for the shape of handle, we have flat shape, wave shape and round shape.

The flat shape is most cost-efficient.

Secondly, ladies will need to comb their hair to look tidy.

Bamboo or wood comb should be a good choice, as they are both made of natural material, so good for our health.

And also does no harm to the environment.

While for gentlemen, they will need the razor to do facial cleaning.

We have razor made with wooden handle and stainless blades.

Pls contact us if need any assistanceļ¼

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