Disposable Slippers

Disposable slippers have better waterproof and slip resistance and ventilation. As a result of all sorts of characteristics of disposable slipper design, make disposable slipper had all sorts of advantages, be like ventilative, waterproof prevent, water absorption. Such word, disposable slipper is worn rise to be able to have the effect such as prevent slippery. In view of these advantages, the hotel can trustingly use disposable slippers, because guests not only like clean and hygienic slippers, but will also like to wear very assured slippers.

The advantages of disposable slippers are as below:

1. ventilation

2. filtering

3. thermal insulation

4. water absorption

5. water resistance

6. scalability

7. not unkempt

8. it feels good and soft

9. light

10. elastic and reversible

11. there is no orientation of cloth

12. high productivity and fast production speed compared with textile cloth

13. fixed size, not easy to deform

14. skid resistance

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