Precautions for Purchasing Hotel Amenities

The hotel’s disposable products mainly include the following products: dental kits, combs, razors, soaps, shower caps, shampoos, body washes, etc. With the deteriorating global ecological environment, environment protection and green consumption has received increasing attention.

Regarding of the dental kit, the main factors affecting the toothbrush quality are the quality of the bristles. The daily toothbrush is usually replaced by three months, and the disposable toothbrushes are generally only used 2-3 times. If the quality of the bristles is not good, it will cause damage to the oral cavity. Therefore, the quality requirements of hotel toothbrushes must not be lower than daily toothbrushes.

Regarding of the bath and hair care products, we need to pay attention to the water consumption level and packaging containers capacity when purchasing. We need to consider that how much water is used to completely wash it, not a blind search for a rich bubble.

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