Various types of toothbrushes

The disposable hotel products mainly include the following products: dental kits, combs, razors, soaps, shower caps, shampoos, body washes, sewing kits, room slippers, etc.

The usage rate of disposable products in the hotel, the highest value of slippers is more than 90%; Followed by toothbrush, up to 80%; Then shampoo, body wash, 50% -60%; Other products such as vanity kits, sewing kits and etc, the usage rate is low. In this case, the toothbrush or dental kit is an important part of the hotel supplies.

According to the material of the toothbrush handle, disposable toothbrush usually can be divided into bamboo toothbrush and plastic toothbrush, etc; According to the toothbrush bristles, it can be divided into nylon toothbrush, bamboo charcoal toothbrush, propylene toothbrush, etc.

In addition to these classifications, there are many other  types and designs of toothbrushes. ECOWAY HOTEL SUPPLY is a professional hotel products supplier, we have many kinds of toothbrush or other hotel products, especially the eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush. To know more information of our products, please click here to leave us a message: or contact us directly by email: [email protected] or call us +8615161889587

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