New Bathroom Soap Dispenser Of Ecoway Hotel Supply

With the implementation of the global plastic ban, many hotels abandon the traditional plastic hoses and bottles and switch to soap dispensers. Ecoway has also joined this group. We study and manufacture a batch of 201 stainless steel soap dispensers and other styles liquid dispensers with good quality and low price.

1. 201 Steel Soap Dispenser

It is 201 steel Liquid dispenser with customized shampoo, shower gel, conditioner or body lotion. It comes with a 300ml high quality pump head bottle. It can be used over and over again.

2. ABS Plastic Soap Dispenser

We develop and make a batch of ABS eco plastic soap dispensers with good quality and competitive price. It is ABS eco plastic steel liquid dispenser, high quality 300ml bottle. It is very thick and have golden cap. Your logo can printed on the sticker around the bottle. 

3. Spherical Pump Bottle Dispenser

It is spherical pump bottle dispenser with custom printing. It can be filled with customized color and scent for shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, body lotion.

In addition to these styles soap dispenser, we also have many other styles for you to choose. For more information, please click here to leave us a message: or contact us directly by email: [email protected] or call us +8615161889587

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