Hot Sale Hotel Room Amenities Sets

ECOWAY is a professional manufacturer of hotel supplies, located in Yangzhou, China. We can produce various types of hotel amenities, hotel slippers, dental kit and more as you need. These are some hot sale products of our hotel amenities.

1. Hotel amenities in recycle craft paper box

This set includes bamboo toothbrush, corn starch razor, corn starch shower cap, corn starch sanitary bag, cotton pad, and cotton buds with paper stick. It’ s eco-friendly hotel amenities set for luxury hotel and spa.

Each item in this set is packed with individual paper box package. Both the package size, print, and inner items can change as per your special requirement. The natural bamboo is biodegradable, and corn starch is eco-friendly. We can customize for you with different size, color, and print.

2. Hotel amenities packed in special shape paper box

Eco-friendly hotel amenities packed in white special shape paper box for hotel and spa, including comb, dental kit, shaving kit, soap, shower cap, sanitary bag and sewing kit. Each item in this set is packed with one special shape paper box. We can change the inner items as per your needs. The paper box can be recyclable and biodegradable, so it’ s also eco-friendly. We can customize for you with different size, color, and print.

3. Hotel amenities packed in hot stamping paper card box

It’ s luxury high quality hotel amenities set, with eco friendly items in side. The tube includes d2w, can help plastic biodegrade quickly. It have golden stamping logo, make it looks so high end. The paper card box is 300g high quality paper card box, with silver stamping in it.

The color and fragrance of liquid in tube can customized, we can do many kinds of liquid in it, such as shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, body lotion, hand cream, mouth wash and so on.

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