What are the problems with soap?

1. How did soap soap come from?

Grease + sodium hydroxide + water = soap + glycerin is as simple as that! Among them, glycerin is an indispensable moisturizing ingredient in skin care products and cosmetics. It will naturally produce more than 25% glycerin in the process of soap saponification, super moisturizing and super mild;

2. Why is handmade soap better than commercial soap?

Commercially available soaps or soaps are mostly chemical soaps, and they are rarely saponified into soaps using natural vegetable oils. Even if they are saponified into soaps using natural vegetable oils, the glycerin produced by them is extracted as a cosmetic use without glycerin. Soap, it is easy to dry the skin after washing. Some of the soaps we see in supermarkets today cannot be called “soaps” because they are chemically synthesized detergents or surfactants that not only wash away the skin’s natural oils, but also cause damage to the skin and the environment. On the contrary, long-term use of handmade soap, so that you love to take a bath you can often use without burden, but also you have a true skin water and oil balance;

3. How does soap soap cleanse the skin?

From the chemical structure, soap is composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. It contains two parts, a hydrophilic group and a lipophilic group. The lipophilic group will remove the oil stain on the skin, and the hydrophilic base will carry the grease together with the water. Rinse clean so that the skin is clean and tidy;

4. How did the fragrance in the handmade soap come from?

In order to make the flavor of the handmade soap rich and long-lasting, the hand-made soap is generally selected to add a large amount of synthetic flavor during the preparation, so that the fragrance is strong and will not dissipate for a long time, which is not only easy to over-stimulate the olfactory nerve and easily cause skin sensitivity. Natural essential oils, natural and elegant fragrance mixed with a touch of olive oil, no burden on the skin and respiratory system, the use of proper and effective, so the essential oil is the best friend of handmade soap. Maybe at first you will feel that the smell of this handmade soap is not obvious, but the delicate fragrance of the essential oil will gradually evaporate with the use of handmade soap; it will not burden the skin and the respiratory system.

5. How did the color in the handmade soap come from?

Natural dyes are not as colorful as chemical dyes, but they can still be made from handmade soaps such as herbal tea, carotene, chlorophyll, natural mineral mud, green tea powder, chocolate, etc. from natural colors.

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