ECOWAY Team Is Always At Your Service Online

At present, China is fully responding to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, such as extending holidays, Strengthening prevention and control, timely and transparently releasing information, and speeding up the development of virus diagnostic tools. A series of measures in China have been highly recognized by domestic and foreign experts.

Affected by the Chinese New Year holiday and the surge in demand for medical supplies, some supplies may be short of supply temporarily. In this case, many enterprises and workers work silently to curb the NCP. And all sectors of the society have come to help. In addition to domestic companies working overtime to restore production capacity, foreign countries have also acted intensively, and a steady stream of epidemic prevention materials have been rushed to Wuhan. 

We are grateful for the front-line medical staff and assistance from all sides. We believe that Wuhan will be better soon, and China will resume smooth operation soon.

Dear customers and friends, all staff of ECOWAY team are online now. We are always here if you need toothbrushes, slippers, soaps or any other bathroom sets, welcome to contact us anytime. We will give you the best service in the first time! 

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