Customized Empty Plastic Soft Tube For Hand Cream Packaging

ECOWAY is a professional supplier in Yangzhou, China. We can produce various types of packaging tubes, PE tubes, ABL tubes and PBL tubes. These are two kinds of customized hand cream tubes.

1. Special Sealing Hand Cream Tube

It is PE plastic soft tube, with a matte white screw cap. It can be used as hand cream tube, face wash tube, sunscreen packaging tube, face cream tube and so on. Its diameter is 35mm and tube height is 108mm, can be filled with 50ml liquid. It is pink plastic tube with customized offset printing pattern and white silk screen printing logo, also has a special arc tail sealing.

2. Customized Hand Cream Tubes Sets

These are customized plastic packaging tubes sets, with two sizes. The diameter of small tube set is 25mm, and capacity is 35ml. The diameter of big tube set is 35mm, and capacity is 100ml. You can choose the suitable one based on your needs.

Each set has 6 colors, red, orange, yellow, purple, blue and green. The tube is unsealed, with foil sealing at the top. You can fill the liquid from the tube bottom. These empty tubes has customized printing, each one matches with a black pp cap.

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