100ml Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer

Product Details

This is no-clean antibacterial hand sanitizer gel. It contains 75% alcohol, effectively disinfect and antibacterial. It is non-toxic and moisturizing, can be used daily. This style is 100ml, packed in plastic tube with flip top cap, easy to carry around.


Product CodeECW-YL-001
Description100ml Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer
PackagingPlastic squeeze tube
CapFlip top cap


1. This style is no-clean antibacterial hand sanitizer gel, which is quick drying, no washing after use.

2. It is refreshing, moisturizing and non-greasy, suitable for daily use.

3. It contains 75% alcohol, effectively inhibit and kill most of harmful bacteria.

4. It is non-toxic, can be used by adults or children.

5. It is high-quality and certified product, which is more reliable.

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