220g Hand Sanitizer Bottle

Product Details

Customized pump head PET bottle, which can be used to fill toothpaste, hand wash soap and so on, suitable for daily use at hotel, home, spa, etc.  The bottle size of this style is 8*11cm, violet and blue pump bottles are available, other colors and designs can be customized.


Item NumberCPK-BTP-004
Description220g Hand Sanitizer Bottle
Bottle MaterialPET
Bottle Size8*11cm
ApplicationHome, hotel, spa, vacation


1. Violet or blue PET pump bottle , made of durable plastic material.

2. Its size is 8*11cm, can be filled with 220g content.

3. The empty bottle can be used for packing hand wash soap, bath gel, body cream, etc.

4. It is reusable if you need, you can refill same or other liquid after it is used up. 

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