ABL Toothpaste Tube Packaging

Product Details

This is aluminum plastic material laminated tube, usually used for the toothpaste packaging, hand cream packaging, etc. Its diameter is 30mm, can fill about 70g toothpaste or other content. The foil sealing design makes the content not leak out.


Product CodeECW00584
DescriptionABL Toothpaste Tube Packaging
Capacity2.5 oz / 70g
CapWhite screw cap


1. This is empty laminated packaging tube, made of aluminum plastic material.

2. The tube diameter is 30mm, capacity can be adjusted with different tube height.

3. It has white screw cap with foil sealing, the tube bottom is unsealed to fill content.

4. In addition to the toothpaste packaging, the empty tube also can be used as hand lotion packaging, cosmetic packaging and so on, to print different logo.

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