Alcohol Wet Wipes

Product Details

75% alcohol disinfectant wet wipes, used for daily cleaning, sterilization and disinfecting, killing bacteria faster. Packed in plastic barrel, portable and easy to extract.


Product CodeECW-16
DescriptionAlcohol Wet Wipes
MaterialSkin-friendly soft non-woven fabric
UsageCleaning and disinfecting
Packing Quantity160pcs/barrel
Wipe Size150*150mm
Wipe Weight40gsm/wipe
Package SizeØ100mm, H:172mm


1. Made with brand-new fine raw materials, which is soft, skin-friendly, comfortable, breathable and resistant to pulling.

2. Contains 75% alcohol content, effective sterilization and away from bacterial hazards.

3. Sealed barrel package, 100pcs in per barrel, easy to extract and can be placed in offices, homes, cars, etc.

4. Used for disinfection and cleaning of human skin and other objects.


1. Please use as soon as possible after opening, avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.

2. For external use only, if you find any discomfort and sensitivity to your skin, please stop using it immediately.

3. Keep out of reach of babies and avoid eating by mistake.

4. It is flammable materials, please keep away from fire.

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