Empty Hand Cream Tube

Product Details

These are customized hand cream tubes set, with two different sizes. One is 35ml tube in the diameter of 25mm, the other is 100ml tube in the diameter of 35mm. And different plastic tubes have customized printing patterns.


Product CodeECW00583
DescriptionEmpty Hand Cream Tube
DiameterSmall tube: ø25mmBig tube: ø35mm
CapacitySmall tube: 35ml / 1.18 fl.oz.Big tube: 100ml / 3.38 fl.oz.
ColorWhite with offset printing pattern
CapBlack screw cap


1. This style plastic packaging tube has two different sizes, 35ml and 100ml with different diameters.

2. Each plastic tube has customized printing pattern and logo, matching with a black screw cap.

3. These empty tubes are used for packing hand cream, also can be used as face wash tube, hand sanitizer tube, etc.

4. The dimension and printing of the tube can be customized.

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