Hand Sanitizer

Product Details

Portable 75% alcohol hand sanitizer gel, packed in plastic squeeze bottle.


Product CodeECW00710 / ECW00711 / ECW00712 / ECW00713 / ECW00717 / ECW00718
DescriptionHand Sanitizer
UsageBasic cleaning, antibacterial
PackagingPlastic bottle
Bottle MaterialPET
Bottle Capacity45ml-90ml
LogoPrinted on sticker label


1. Containing 75% alcohol, super sterilization, suitable for everyone.

2. No washing gel, easy to carry and portable.

3. Disposable transparent gel, no sticky feeling after use, moisturizing and caring without hurting hands.

4. Widely used, suitable for disinfection of skin, hands and objects, and can be used in hospitals, homes, schools, office, public transportation, etc.

5. Using convenient, spray this product evenly on the skin surface or rub it on the skin surface, or other objects.


Q1. What is the difference between no-clean hand soap and foam hand soap?

A: Disposable hand sanitizer is mainly applied to use without washing conditions, more convenient and fast, especially suitable for use outside.

Q2. Does the product taste?

A: The main component of the product is alcohol. At the beginning of use, you may smell alcohol, but it will quickly evaporate and become tasteless. The gel is refreshing and non-sticking after use.

Q3. Can this hand sanitizer be used often?

A: It can be used frequently. It is made of mild formula, no irritation to the skin.

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