Lip Gloss Squeeze Tubes

Product Details

This is 18g lip gloss tube in the diameter of 19mm. The black tube is equipped with a brush head screw cap, decorated with white printing logo. The PE material tube is durable and easy to squeeze.


Product CodeECW00555
DescriptionLip Gloss Squeeze Tubes
CapScrew cap with brush head


1. Diameter: D13, D16, D19, D22, D25, D30, D35, D38, D40, D45, D50, D55, D60. In accordance with customer requirements, the capacity can be adjusted by the tube diameter and height.

2. Material: PE, ABL or PBL.

3. Layers: 2-layer tube and 5-layer tube. 2-layer tube is used for packing not too strong corrosion or permeability, 5-layer tube has strong corrosion resistance and anti-permeability.

4. Color: transparent, white, black or colored.

5. Varnish: Glossy or matte.

6. Printing: Offset printing, silk printing, hot stamping or labeling.

7. Sealing: Unsealed or tail sealed. Some tubes can be add aluminum foil sealing, such as toothpaste tubes.

8. Cap: Screw cap, flip top cap, octagonal cap, acrylic caps, etc.

9. Application: Cosmetic packaging (BB cream, liquid foundation, sunscreen, lip gloss, etc), personal care products packaging (Hand cream, body lotion, toothpaste, etc), hotel supplies PE tubes (shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, etc), other products.

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