Shampoo In Spout Stand-Up Bag

Product Details

This is 2L shampoo stand-up pouch, with the size of 23.5*32cm, also can be used to pack shower gel, laundry detergent and so on. The bag design is convenient to be transported and stored, and the high quality makes it leak proof, handle on the bag makes it easy to carry. The bag size and printing is accepted to be customized.


Item NumberCPK-DZY-001
DescriptionShampoo in Spout Stand-up Bag
Feature1. Excellent barrier against air, moisture and puncture2. User-friendly, smart self-standing and large capacity 


1. New environmental protection material, using a spout form self sealing bags, generally only need to press the tight seal.

2. The clear window helps customer see products inside. Bottom design helps bag stand up, the bag stand up more upright and beautiful.

3. We can produce different sizes and printing according to customer’s requirements.

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