Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers

Product Details

It is double bracket soap dispenser, made of plastic bottle and stainless steel bracket. It’ s wall mounted dispenser, perfect to use in the bathroom or kitchen. You can fill and refill shampoo, liquid soap or other liquids in it.


DescriptionWall Mounted Soap Dispensers
Bottle MaterialPlastic
Bracket Material201 stainless steel
StyleDouble soap dispenser


1. This kind of dispenser is made of plastic bottle and 201 stainless steel bracket, which is durable.

2. It is double soap dispenser, two different liquids can be filled as needed, and it’ s refillable and reusable.

3. It’ s perfect for packing shampoo, bath gel, body lotion, hand soap, etc, which is convenient to be used in the bathroom.

4. Other colors and dimensions pump bottles or bracket dispensers can be customized if you need. We also have single soap dispenser and triple soap dispenser.


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Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers (6)
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