The soap dispenser used in the hotel can be fixed on the wall or tile by screws or self-adhesive.
We have 2 styles:
One is ABS material with lock. Guests can only use it. They can’t remove the bottle or open the lid, so as to ensure that the liquid is not polluted.
Bottle colors: transparent, white, and brown.
Color of bracket with lock: white and black.
Capacity: 300ml for single head (conditioning shampoo 2 in 1, or with hand sanitizer), 300ml for double head (shampoo and shower gel), and 300ml for three heads (shampoo, shower gel and conditioner).

another soap dispensor with stainless steel bracket. After filling the liquid and locked by screw, the guests can’t take down the bottle, which can also ensure that the liquid is not polluted.
Style: single head 300ml, double heads 300ml, three heads 300ml.
Stainless steel color: mirror and black.
About logo: we can print the hotel logo and other information on the bottle; also we can put label on the bottle