Disposable Amenity Kit with CPE Soft Plastic Pouch

Item: Amenity Kits

Model Number: MICTZ003

Including: Toothbrush with toothpaste, shaving kit, comb, shower cap, loofah, vanity kit, sewing kit, sanitary bag and more.

Package: CPE soft plastic pouch


  • Custom hotel supplies, including disposable toothbrush kit, shaving kit, shower cap, comb and more.


  • The package of the amenity kit is soft plastic pouch, also called CPE pouch.


  • Each accessory and package can be customized according to your requirement.


plastic toothbrush plastic toothbrush

shaving kit shaving kit

plastic comb plastic comb

shower cap shower cap

loofah loofah

vanity kit vanity kit

sanitary bag sanitary bag

shoe mitt shoe mitt

About CPE Pouch

  • Non Explosive Edge


  • Protect the product from scratching


  • Chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance


  • Good physical properties, with elastomer


  • Enhance product image

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