Amenity Kit With Stone Paper Pouch

  • Unique stone paper pouch packaging amenity kit, recyclable in the paper waste stream.


  • All the accessories are eco-friendly wood, bamboo, cotton, and starch products.


  • An environmentally friendly solution for hotel supplies.


Item: Amenity Kits

Model Number: tz-002

Including: Toothbrush with toothpaste, shaving kit, comb, shower cap, vanity kit, sewing kit, pen, and more.

Package: Stone paper pouch

toothbrush with toothpaste shaving kit comb nail care kit

sewing kit pen shoe mitt vanity kit

shower cap sanitary bag loofah


Stone paper, also known as Shike paper, is a kind of processing paper, which is made of limestone mineral resources with large reserves and wide distribution (calcium carbonate content reaches 70 ~ 80%) as the main source, polymer as the auxiliary material (content is 20 ~ 30%), using the principle of polymer interface chemistry and the characteristics of polymer modification. After special process treatment, it is made by polymer extrusion and blow molding process. It is a kind of processing paper. Stone paper has the same writing performance and printing effect as plant fiber paper, and has the core performance of plastic packaging.




Advantage 1: from the perspective of replacing some traditional plastic packaging, it can save a lot of strategic oil resources for the country. Due to the extensive use of calcium carbonate, each ton of environmentally friendly packaging materials can save 2.3 tons of oil resources for the country.

Advantage 2: consumers not only bear the responsibility of social environmental protection, but also save 15% ~ 30% of the use cost.

Advantage 3: protect natural ecology. Without using plant fiber and cutting down trees, a lot of wood can be saved. Stone paper takes limestone mineral resources with large reserves and wide distribution as the main raw material (calcium carbonate content is 70-80%) and polymer as the auxiliary material (content is 20-30%)

Advantage 4: green products. There is no need to add strong acid, strong alkali, bleach and other chemical raw materials in the production process, and no waste water, waste residue and toxic and harmful gases are discharged

Advantage 5: the product has good mechanical properties. Waterproof, moisture-proof, moth proof, folding resistant, tear resistant, oil resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free and stable geometric dimensions

Advantage 6: high printing definition and good effect.

Advantage 7: the product has the properties of photodegradation, oxidative degradation and biodegradation. Long term use can fundamentally solve the problem of “white pollution” that increasingly oppresses mother earth; After being used, the stone paper is discarded outdoors. Under the sunlight for about six months, it will automatically embrittle into a broken eggshell shape and return to nature (the paper will not be damaged by ultraviolet rays in the sunlight when placed indoors, and the resin will not embrittle).

Advantage 8: protect water resources and save energy. Stone paper products do not need to be washed with water, nor do they need strong acid, alkali and bleach. Therefore, there is no problem of wastewater discharge and does not pollute rivers, seas and other water resources.

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