Biodegradable PLA Amenity Kit

Item: Amenity Kits

Model Number: PLATZ001

Including: PLA toothbrush, PLA comb, starch shower cap, loofah, vanity kit, sewing kit, sanitary bag and more.


  • Custom biodegradable PLA toothbrush, PLA razor, PLA comb, starch shower cap, starch shoe polish, starch sewing kit, and so on.


  • Each accessory and package can be customized according to your requirement.

About PLA — 100% Degradable Plant-based Plastics

There are many types of degradation materials. At present, PBAT and PLA are widely used in the market. PLA comes from plant resources and has the characteristics of good hardness, mechanical performance, transparency, and biological safety performance. It is recognized as the most market prospects, the most competitive environmental protection, low -carbon, and safe degradation materials.

PLA takes annually renewable resources – corn, cassava and other plants as raw material. After fermentation by microorganisms, lactic acid will be extracted, then PLA will be produced through a process of refining, dehydration polymerization, high temperature pyrolysis and final polymerization. PLA has excellent biodegradable property. After disposal, within one year, it can be degraded into carbon dioxide and water by microorganisms in the soil, and do no harm to our environment.

PLA has good mechanical properties, low shrinkage, and is competent to the application of most synthetic plastics, also it’s widely used in the production of package materials, disposable tableware, household electrical appliance shell, fiber, 3D supplies etc.

Because PLA derives from renewable plant resources but not the petroleum-based traditional plastics, so it is energy-saving and enviromental protection, and PLA is considered to be the most promising new “ecological material”.

100% Degradable Plant-based Plastics PLA

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