About Ecoway

Yangzhou Ecoway Hotel Supply Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. We produce and sell environmentally friendly hotel supplies, including shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, body lotion, slippers, soap, toothbrush, comb, shower cap, vanity kit and other products.
So far, ecoway has developed into a team of 81 people. Among them, there are 2 R&D persons; 60 production related persons; and 9 sales persons. Our factory, office, laboratory, and warehouse currently have an area of 8000 square meters. Currently, there are relevant certificates such as ISO, GMP, GRS, FSC.
We export to over 100 countries and regions, and exporting business percentage is more than 90%. Our clients include the top five multinational companies in the industry, as well as world-renowned high-end resort hotels such as Peninsula Hotel and Anantara Hotel and Resort. Of course, most of our customers come from distributors in different countries.
Regarding production capacity, we can produce 5 tons of shampoo per day, filling 160K pcs 50ml bottles every day. We can produce 50K slippers every day. Package 300K pcs toothbrushes or other dry amenities every day. And 8 million pcs PE tubes per month.
Regarding environmental protection, with the continuous changes in market demand, more and more customers require more environmentally friendly products. We are also actively searching for environmentally friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable materials and products. Ecoway’s mission is to make our products more environmentally friendly. Let’s work together to build our beautiful “home”.

Sustainable Bathroom Amenities

Our mission is to make our products more environmentally friendly. We have been committed to the production of eco-friendly hotel supplies. Follow the market trend, constantly adjust our product structure, and try to use new materials for our products, so as to make our products more energy-saving and environmental protection.

Pure Paper Package No Plastic

Sustainable Kraft Paper Package

Disposable Slippers

Non-woven Slipper

Acupuncture Cotton Slipper

Coral Fleece Slipper

Cotton Slipper

Dispenser Bracket

Stainless Steel Dispenser Bracket

PE Dispenser Bracket

PET Dispenser Bracket

ABS Dispenser Bracket


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