66ml Shampoo Conditioner Body Wash Bottle

  • 66ml shampoo, conditioner and body wash, packed in PET bottle.


  • Bottle color, logo, liquid color and liquid fragrance can be customized.


  • Portable mini small bottle, perfect for travel, hotel, or B&B use.


Item: Shampoo & Conditioner & Body wash

Model Number: KA-002

Capacity: 66ml

Usage: Hotel, airline, home, and more

Liquid Color: As per request, any color is ok

Liquid Fragrance: Bergamot, sandalwood, verbena, mint, cologne, aloe, green tea, lavender, olive oil, pawpaw, floral, rosemary, jasmine, clairol, rojoice, ginger, scentless, and so on

Liquid Standard: Paraben free/alcohol free, accord with europe/american standard/SASO standard

66ml shampoo 66ml conditioner 66ml body wash

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